Beauty Starts On The Inside ~ Eating An Alkaline Diet Can Help You Be And Feel More Beautiful

How many of you are on a special diet?   Do you diet for health reasons or just to lose weight?

I happen to be on an alkaline diet to make my body more alkaline for health reasons.  I have been doing it for about a year now.

You would not believe how much better my skin looks since starting this diet.   Really!!  I have had marks on my skin for years that are now going away.

What is an alkaline diet?   An alkaline diet is the eating of certain foods to help your body become alkaline.

Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline, so therefore, I eat mostly fruits and vegetables.  I also eat a little protein as in meats, nuts and legumes.   I eat red and gold potatoes with their skins on.  I am not sure what the skins on have to do with it, but that is what I was told by my Doctor to do, so I do it.  I also eat sweet potatoes. 

When it comes to grains, I don't really eat them much.  Once in awhile I eat brown rice, quinoa,  millet and sometimes oats.

My diet is very basic.  Very, very seldom do I eat pizza, and foods that I consider junk foods.  I never, never eat cane sugar.

I have healed a lot of wrongs that I have done to my body over the years and I will continue to eat alkaline.  I feel healthier today than when I was in my 30's so I must be doing something right.

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  1. I think we all should be more aware of the foods we eat.

  2. I eat a lot of vegetables, but I know I could do better with my diet.

  3. If you want to be healthy, you need to eat your veggies

  4. What you eat does help with your skin and weight. It makes you feel better to.

  5. You are what you eat! I firmly believe that and I also can tell the difference when I eat something fried verses grilled.

  6. I eat pretty healthy, but there is always room for improvement.

  7. I love fruits and vegetables so it wouldn't be hard for me to follow an alkaline diet.


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